FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We provide e-commerce like Walmart and Amazon automation service. Our expert team will run your store and do A to Z. Further more information, please contact us.

Yes. Our team will handle your store completely. We have a full team to handle product research, store management, health management, customer support, etc. So you will earn money while sleeping our team will do everything.

In the Amazon or Walmart Automation Dropshipping model, you will not need to purchase inventory upfront. You only pay for inventory when it is ordered by the end customer through Amazon or Walmart.

We won’t charge you a certain amount of money. Our Service charge will be a certain percent of your profit. Please contact us for more information.

You need to provide us an Amazon or Walmart seller account. Also, you need to pay when someone orders an inventory from your store. Please contact us for further discussion.

As many as you can provide

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime.

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